Supply Chain Management

Conserve resources - reduce costs

Experience how we at JÄGER contribute to a more sustainable industry through intelligent product design, efficient procurement methods and optimized production processes. Together
we look at all areas of the company from an economic, ecological and social perspective and thus create universal added value for you.


Efficiency and sustainability are key issues right from the procurement of our materials and primary products. This is why we focus on short distances in the supply chain, as around 96% of our suppliers are based within the EU and around 80% are based directly in Germany. Suppliers are selected specifically on the basis of their certification in accordance with the environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001, ideally supplemented by DIN EN 50001, which deals with energy management and an assessment of energy efficiency.

Our aim is to look at things from an ecological and social perspective, which enables our customers to have predictable and transparent processes along the entire supply chain. This enables us to work with our customers to implement the measures required by the German Corporate Social Responsibility Directive Implementation Act (CSR-RUG). We are helped by open communication with our suppliers and customers, which has the positive side effect of reducing project costs and project times. Integration via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is one of our standards.

Product development

We already consider the development and design of a product from a sustainability perspective, as these are decisive for the raw materials required in production and the properties in later use. It is important to identify potential for saving materials and energy at this early stage and make use of it. To make this possible, we rely on our customers involving us in their development at an early stage. In this way, design freedom can be used in product development and we can contribute our expertise in the best possible way. The result is products with a lower weight, longer service life and easier maintenance options! Our product and process development team (PPE) uses 3D prototyping and the finite element method (FEM) to realize your product idea.

Sustainability and the ecological footprint are becoming increasingly important alongside product functionality and price. That’s why we already enable you to specify the CO2 footprint of our products based on the corresponding raw material data in order to create transparency along the supply chain. This allows you to better monitor the ecological specifications for your products and reduce CO2 emissions before they occur.

Production processes

The production of rubber and plastic is fundamentally energy-intensive. However, this also means that there is great potential for saving energy and CO2 emissions. The economical use of resources and the minimization of energy requirements are core aspects of process optimization. We look at your project in detail and decide whether in-house production within the JÄGER Group or cooperation with our strategic partners will lead to the desired goal. Our engineers work directly on the production machine to identify potential exactly where it originates. By using cold runner technology, for example, the sprue of the production systems can be cooled so that only the rubber compound required to manufacture the relevant products is heated and vulcanized. This saves material and therefore also CO2.

All these considerations ultimately result in shorter cycle times and a reduction in the raw materials required, energy consumption and therefore also CO2.

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